Once in a while It Pays to Renegotiate and Refinance

The FHA Streamline Refinance program gets its name since it enables borrowers to renegotiate a current FHA interest rate to a lower rate all the more quickly and easy. Often without an appraisal the program cuts down on the paperwork making this loan quick and easy for borrowers who want to lower their rate without the hassle of providing a lot of paperwork as in a conventional refinance.

You can lessen the financing cost on your present home loan without a full credit check, yet you have to have paid your home loan on time in the course of the past 6 payments. It is not necessary to provide income documentation. To put it simply FHA Streamline Refinances have decreased loan work, basic prerequisites for qualification, and a rundown of highlights which makes it alluring for borrowers.

Under the FHA Streamline Refinance program, your new mortgage loan amount can not surpass the first sum you obtained to buy the home. There probably won’t be a requirement for an evaluation either, contingent upon your present home value and advance parity. You do have the choice to get your property reappraised and meet all requirements for a higher sum if the estimation of the property has expanded

While the data introduced is from the official FHA rules, a few loan specialists may have extra necessities for borrowers to meet.

FHA Streamline Qualification

The FHA has some essential necessities that all borrowers must meet when applying for a FHA Streamline Refinance. The FHA does not allow closing costs to come from the equity of the home. However, we offer no closing cost options.

  • Your Current Mortgage Must Already Be An FHA Loan

  • Your Mortgage Must Be Current

  • Either Your Mortgage Term or Interest Rate Must Be Less

The FHA Home loan Must Be Current

This implies you have not missed any installments. You must have made at least any 6 regularly scheduled installments and have had your current home loan for at least 210 days before you can apply for the Streamline Refinance. There are some rare exceptions to this rule please contact us for questions on your specific case.