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Jumbo Cash Out Program Highlights:

Primary residences up to $5M *over $5M case-by-case
Investment properties up to $5M *over $5M case-by-case
Unlimited cash back when property owned free & clear OR under 50% LTV (Eligible: Non-Agency Advantage Credit Tiers 1-4 and OFC Jumbo A+ programs)
24 month Bank Statement documentation up to 85% LTV
2 or 12 month Bank Statement documentation up to 80% LTV
Investor Cash Flow loans up to 80% LTV
Full documentation to 85% LTV
Unlimited consumer lates
Interest only options
Owner-occupied transactions: up to $5M from 680+ FICO, up to $3M from 620+ FICO, up to $2M from 580+ FICO #jumbomortgage #jumbomortgagecashout #jumbomortgagerates #JumboHomeLoans